The Doric language is spoken in the North East, Aberdeenshire, Banff, Angus and the Mearns.

Highly explicit and colourful with words for specific comunication. A language of the Bothie Ballads, cornkisters, poetry, ceilidhs and performances on stage, screen and radio.

stormy sky over Aberdeen

The Doric vowels       ah, eh, ee, o, ooo.                                              The english vowels    a,   e,   i,    o,    u.

Twa fairmers at Kittybrewster Mart discussin’ a bale o’ wool.

buyer.    a’     eh    ooo?              [  all one wool? ]

seller.    aye,  a’  eh  ooo!          [ yes all one wool ]

buyer.   na’,  nae a’  eh ooo     [ no not all one wool ]

seller.   aye, aye a’ eh ooo        [ yes yes all one wool ]

buyer. na, na nae a’ eh ooo

seller.  bugger off