A Kemnay Loon’s Diary

This is the diary of a loon born in Kemnay at Woolmanhill Infirmary fin Gerry wis bombing Aberdeen in 1941. The birth wis difficult for my mither an’ she was telt te pit he heid under a pilla’ and I wis taaken tae the air raid shelter in a humidicrib. A bairn wi a sair neck bit 70+ years later, neen the warse o’ the wear.

Kemnay school, Scouts, Inverurie Academy, TC, Robert Gordons and then working life. Niver been nought for war except bein’ mairiet.

Dad is on the left hand side and I think that is Peter Innes, the grocer fae the fit o’ Kendal Road next tae the Gilbert’s hoose. The photo wis takken in front o’ the Forsyth Hoose . ‘At looks like Brucy Reid fae the Knowe. He wis Dad’s best man fin Dad an Mam were marriet at the Burnett Arms.

My Grandfather Sunny Daun had bad luck wi’ a Poll Mare

1 July – 30 September 1908
Women visit Mosshead to view Mary’s marriage presents; on 8 July Mary weds Alexander Gauld in the U.F.C. Kemnay – the reception is held in the Burnett Arms Hotel; they provide tea for all the folk who decorated the Church for Mary’s wedding; attends prayer meeting and Deacons’ Court; a lady missionary from Old Calabar gives an account of mission work there at Church – ‘she was not heard very well’; attends funeral of Mrs Mackay of Roquharold; attends Highland and Agricultural Society’s show in Aberdeen – ‘I thought it was a grand show a sple[n]did display of cattle & horses and Implement’s’; they thrash with the steam mill; attends prayer meeting and meeting of Session; wins prizes for horses at the Cluny Cattle Show; distributes communion cards and has communion at Church; attends the Cattle Show at Echt – ‘a very poor show it was’; attends prayer meeting and Deacons’ Court; attends the Lawerance Fair, Old Rayne; writes letter to Mr Emslie; sells the Poll mare to Daun for £15; Mr Anderson of Ardconnon buys Poll’s foal for £17..10; counts money received at Deacons’ Court; Alec and Mary take train to Manchester; assists with the steam thrashing mill at Dalmadilly; goes to Dalmadilly to sympathise with Mr and Mrs Daun after they lose the Poll mare when another animal kicks her and breaks a leg; attends George Tindal’s funeral at Craigearn.